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Larry and Linda Boyd
1015 CR 705
Joshua , TX 76058

FAX: (817) 517-2526
Phone: (817) 980-3362

Stallion Service Contract
Does not guarantee breeding until returned with booking fee
This certifies to ___________________________(owner of mare) here referred to as Mare Owner, has engaged one service to _______________________(stallion) for the Mare ____________________________________, Registry and Number ________________________________ for the 2013 season at $______________, live foal guarantee.
Age of Mare __________
Check one: Mare will be sent to farm (In foal), (Wet), (Dry), (Maiden).
If in foal, last breeding date __________________
Sire: ______________________________________ Dam: ____________________________________
Color and marking of Mare: _______________________
Please indicate date of each:
Tetanus Toxoid ___________ Rhinopneumonitis _________ EIA________
Influenza ________ Encephalitis____________ Deworming ___________
Expected farm arrival date:______________
Is Mare to foal at our ranch? Yes [ ] No [ ]
Sun Valley Paints, agent for the above named stallion, will herein be referred to as Breeder. This service is engaged subject to the following:

1. A booking fee of $____________ of the above fee is payable with this contract and the balance of $_________ plus all unpaid expenses will be payable upon receipt of an invoice or when the mare leaves the farm, whichever is first. The Breeder requires 48 hours advance notice when the Owner wishes to remove his mare(s) from the farm. Regular receiving and departure hours for visiting mares are 8 am to 5 pm. The Ranch is closed for lunch from 12-1pm.( unless other arangments are made) This will allow us sufficient time to prepare the required health papers and final statement so the Owner may settle his account. The booking fee is non-refundable. 18% interest per annum will be charged on all accounts in excess of thirty days. This contract is governed by the laws of the State of Texas.

2. A photostatic copy of registration papers (both sides), a veterinarian's health certificate, worming, and immunization records shall accompany mare. If these are not presented upon mare's arrival, the Breeder shall have the attending veterinarian make proper tests and evaluations at the Mare Owner's expense. Mare (and foal, if applicable, will be periodically vaccinated and wormed as deemed necessary by our veterinarian at Mare Owner's expense. Flu, pneumobort K, and strep (Strangles) vaccine must be given before the mare arrives. A current Coggins test shall be furnished upon delivery of mare to the breeding farm. It is recommended that mares be wormed within 60 days of entering the farm.

3. The Mare Owner shall agree that each mare offered for breeding shall be in sound breeding condition and free from infection or disease. The Mare Owner will provide the breeding farm with a written breeding history. Any mare certified by the attending veterinarian not to be, in his opinion, in sound breeding condition shall not be bred. Mare Owner may substitute another mare within that breeding season.

4. The Breeder agrees to diligently try and settle the above named mare and shall have sole discretion of determining the best method of breeding such mare. If, however, the mare does not settle, the Breeder shall be held harmless. There will be a $100 rebreed fee assessed the following year if mares depart from Sun Valley Paints prior to their 21 day pregnancy check. This does not apply to mares who do not conceive and return during the current year breeding season.

5. Live Foal Guaranteed. Live foal means the foal shall stand and nurse. It is understood that if the mare proves barren, aborts her foal or if the foal is still-born, a season will be guaranteed the following year only, providing notification is given. Proper notification shall be defined as follows: Written certification by a licensed veterinarian within seven days that the mare has slipped or produced a non-viable foal. Mare Owner certifies that such abortion or death did not result from any omission of the Owner subsequent to the mare’s departure from Sun Valley Paints. Booster rhinopneumonitis vaccination must be administered as indicated by the individual drug manufacturer as the mare progresses through her pregnancy. Failure to do this will void live foal guarantee. Rebreed privileges extended beyond the following year shall be subject to an additional fee.

6. The breeding season in force for this contract shall begin February 1st and close June1st of the year covered by this contract. No new mares will be accepted for on site breedings after the first of June unless special arrangements are agreed upon by both parties.

7. It is further agreed that should the above named stallion die, or become unfit for service, or, if the above named mare dies, during the breeding season then the Owner may substitute another mare or breed the above named mare to another stallion on the farm that is agreed to by both the Mare Owner and Breeder.

8. A breeder's certificate will be issued to Mare Owner after all expenses have been paid in full and upon notification of the birth of the foal.

9. Waiver of Liability. It is understood that the breeding farm, its owners, stallion owners, employees, veterinarians, and guests shall not be liable for any injury, escape, disability, or death of any horse on its premises. The above named Mare Owner, whose horse(s) are under the care of Sun Valley Paints will not be liable or responsible for any damage, injury or death to the breeding farm’s stallions, employees, veterinarians, or other animals in the care of Sun Valley Paints, whether or not caused by his horse.

10. When the above name Mare Owner signs and returns one copy of this contract to the Breeder, it will then be a binding contract on both parties, subject to the terms and conditions. This contract is not valid unless completed in full.
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS______________________________________
Is mare insured? Yes [ ] No [ ]
Insurance Company Name _____________________________________
Policy Number ______________________________________________
Emergency Phone Number _____________________________________

Board per Day
Mare Motel Full care (dry or wet mare) : $25.00
Mare Motel shelter (your hay and feed) : $15.00

I accept the above agreement __________________________________
Date _____________________________________________________
Street Address ______________________________________________
City, State, Zip ______________________________________________
Phone (day) ___________________ (night) _______________________
Breeding Manager ______________________________________
Date ___________________________