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These are some of our favorite links. We believe that they hold some interesting and useful information... So, check them out but please don't forget to revisit us!

The American Paint Horse Assocation

The American Quarter Horse Assocation

The National Reining Horse Assocation

The Weatherford Cowgirl Chicks

J.W. Stoker, King of the Trick Ropers

Demetra, Trick Rider


"Ima Spinnin Strawbery"
Playing with Tom the cat.


"SV Prescribed Tosting"
Loves his withers to be scratched!
See how he enjoys Nancy doing this!

Pedigree Online

National Cutting Horse Assocation

National Reined Cow Horse Assocation

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Our babies love the attention of people!
Great minds and personalitys !


"SV Eagle Sting"and Josh Crawley at the
Houston Livestock Show March 13, 14 2005
Sting was tired from his 11 hour ride from
Lubbock Tx. Josh is rubbing Sting's tummy
while sitting on him, to help him relax! He
performed well, Sting and Venessa placed
First in Amatuer Reining.


Our 4 Grand-Daughters came by to ride!
We only could get 3 of the 4 on "IT".
"Regers Tom Casey"
They love our horses and enjoy them
just as much as we do.


Afternoon Snooze... "Liberty & Homer"